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Niigata, Niigata Prefecture, Higashi-ku,
Niigata Kotsu Co., Ltd. "Kodo" walk 3 minutes
Market City Kodo adjacent Pets is a breeding possible apartment
Features pickup
Immediate Available / Super close / Facing south / System kitchen / Bathroom Dryer / Yang per good / LDK15 tatami mats or more / Japanese-style room / Washbasin with shower / Face-to-face kitchen / Wide balcony / South balcony / Double-glazing / Elevator / Warm water washing toilet seat / TV monitor interphone / Walk-in closet / Pets Negotiable / Delivery Box
Property name
Daiaparesu Kodo
20 million yen
Floor plan
Units sold
1 units
Total units
53 houses
Occupied area
70.79 sq m (21.41 tsubo) (center line of wall)
Other area
Balcony area: 13.4 sq m
Whereabouts floor / structures and stories
3rd floor / RC12 story
Completion date
August 2008
Niigata, Niigata Prefecture, Higashi-ku, Kodoko
Niigata Kotsu Co., Ltd. "Kodo" walk 3 minutes
Person in charge
Person in charge of real-estate and building Koizumi Tamiko industry experience: 12 years gluttony ban! ! It is source of visceral fat (^^) b
TEL: 0800-603-3024 [Toll free] mobile phone ・ Also available from PHS
Caller ID is not notified
Please contact the "saw SUUMO (Sumo)"
If it does not lead, If the real estate company
Administrative expense
10,950 yen / Month (consignment (commuting))
Repair reserve
5240 yen / Month
Time residents
Immediate available
Whereabouts floor
3rd floor
Overview and notices
Contact: Koizumi Tamiko
RC12 story
Site of the right form
Parking lot
Site (3000 yen / Month)
Company profile
<Mediation> Niigata Governor (1) Article 004 973 issue (stock) Mansion Center Niigata shop Yubinbango950-0087 Niigata, Niigata Prefecture, Chuo-ku, Higashiodori 1-1-1 fifth Marukabiru 4th floor

Local appearance photo
Local appearance photo

Floor plan

Floor plan. 3LDK, Price 20 million yen, Occupied area 70.79 sq m , Balcony area 13.4 sq m
3LDK, Price 20 million yen, Occupied area 70.79 sq m , Balcony area 13.4 sq m